one for the road: episode four (long distance love-in)

Hello all and welcome to May!

This episode is a bit of a different one as the two of us haven’t been in the same room, or even continent for the recording. So, we got a couple of friends along to chat all things running… well, mostly ultras!

On this episode we have a catch up with Harry over Skype whilst she’s on honeymoon in Peru – get us! We chat about Lissy’s experience at the London marathon (it gets a little TMI). There’s an On The Run recording from an absolute babe with a much better voice for radio than us and we finally chat to friend-of-the-show Stephanie.


The race we mention a few times is Race to the Stones, which you can find out more about here.

The amazing and inspiring collective of women running it can be found here.

We recorded the section with Steph at the Barbican (also in the photo above) – you should visit, it’s one of our favourite spots in London.


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