one for the road: episode six (enjoying the London summer)

After lots and lots of fun in the sun, we are back with marathon and half marathon training updates, the embarrassment of falling asleep in yoga, summer festivalling and soaking up some London culture.

Show notes…

Harry visited the London marathon store for her new shoes and bought these adidas beauties.

The term ‘fugly’ was coined by our friend Leah, you can find her online here.

Harry is running the Berlin marathon and Lissy the Copenhagen half.

The half marathon plan by Hal Higdon that Lissy has adapted can be found on his website.

If you want to be a #stravawanker too, here’s the details of the monthly MTS challenge on Strava.

The yoga sessions we spoke about were:

Fat Buddha Yoga

Secret Yoga Club

Details of the Windsor relay race can be found here. Here’s the beautiful route…

Lissy went to Lovebox and raved it up:

Then we both went to Citadel and spent the day chilling in a field:

Exhibitions we went to:

Carsten Höller: Decision

RA Summer Exhibition 2015


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