one for the road: episode seven (mega catch ups and the return of period chat)

This podcast is pretty much just one long catch up. Plus we get a post-Ultra update from Stephanie. And period chat IS BACK. You know you’re excited.

Show notes:

The podcast we’re fangirling about (as per usual) is Call Your Girlfriend

The friend that’s written Harry’s training plan is Cat Simpson

Harry is running Berlin marathon

Lissy may (or may not) be running Copenhagen half marathon

Ultra chat was with Stephanie, and…
She was at RTTS
She mentions Rhiannon, Claire, Becs & Travis
She visited Simon Lamb for Sports Massage awesomeness. Lissy has too, you should go see him if you’re a runner if the SW London area too – he’s ace!

The original post from Kiran, the free bleeding marathon runner, can be read here


One thought on “one for the road: episode seven (mega catch ups and the return of period chat)

  1. Jennie Spiller says:

    Loved it as usual ladies! Harry I had chaffing problems in the exact same place when I was training for my marathon….I put it down to thigh growth (hopefully muscle, not fat). I put loads of vaseline on before each long run and always wore leggings (I never ran in shorts for my long runs as I trained for a race in April and it was never really hot enough so I can’t advise on short choice). Anyway, the Vaseline did the trick.

    Loved Steph’s advice too….just what I needed to hear today as I’m wallowing in my own injury misery! Its so easy to constantly compare ourselves to what everyone else is (or seems to be doing).

    Thanks again girls x


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