one for the road: episode fifteen (striving for moderate success)

On this episode, we bring back our runner’s highs and runner’s lows, recap the races we have in the plan for the first half of the year, we talk about our favourite museums in the London series and discuss how ‘muddling along just fine’ is the best way to be.

Show notes:

G&T jelly shots recipe
1. Buy some lime jelly
2. Look at recipe on packet
3. Replace any hot water in the recipe with hot tonic water
4. Replace any cold water in the recipe with gin (I used two thirds gin, one third cold water in a bid not to completely topple over my guests… and so the jelly actually set)
5. Pour, set and then enjoy!

G&T slushi:

Races we are doing:
Regent’s Park 10k
Brighton half
Run Hackney
Gothenburg half

The London series
Be geeks like us & visit our favourite London museums
London Transport Museum
Grant Museum of Zoology

Here’s the Guardian article we chat about: ‘How to be a moderately successful person‘. READ IT, IT IS GREAT.

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