one for the road: episode twenty (on friendship)

This episode it’s all about periods, wanderlusting and a big old long chat on friendship. Plus the usuals: runner’s highs, runner’s lows and what’s been going on in our Strava club.

Show notes:

Our friend Gosia ran the Barcelona marathon

Lissy went to Mile End parkrun

Harry visited the Banff film festival

Harry’s running Reading half marathon in a couple of weeks – the one of the lion medal!

Stuff we’ve been reading:
Periods are just as bad as heart attacks
The best six railway journeys in the world

On female friendship:
We’re looking forward to the release of All The Single Ladies – out this Thursday! (24 March)
‘What women find in friends that they may not get from love’
The entire NY Magazine essay series from Single Ladies Week was fab and can be found here
Would you send an Outlook invite to chill with your friends?
The SRSLY podcast that discusses how Friends has warped our view of the world can be listened to here

Join our one for the road Strava run club


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